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Title: 24 Hours at Ground Zero
Starring: Kevin Spacey .
Synopsis:'24 Hours At Ground Zero, 7 Days In September And America Rebuilds' address the events of 9/11, the aftermath and recovery process using the eye witness accounts of those first on the scene, the media and New Yorkers. As a result of never-before-seen footage at 'Ground Zero' these films are able to convey the terrorist attacks in the most intimate and exclusive way possible. 24 Hours At Ground Zero "24 Hours At Ground Zero" is an extraordinary inside look at the evolution of the World Trade Center horror, experienced through the eyes and the voices of people at the scene, including a policeman, a fireman and an EMS worker who were among the first to arrive at ground zero. MSNBC's camera crews were on the streets as thousands of New Yorkers stop stunned in their tracks, staring up at the burning towers. "24 Hours At Ground Zero" begins with the barrage of attacks over that first night and ends with the sunrise over New York the following morning. This film brings you the titanic tragedy from eye-level along with the people who lived through it. The spine of the story concentrates on the rescue workers who, like most heroes, selflessly threw themselves into mortal danger to help the thousands of potential victims at the scene. Witness the fear, the grief, and the confusion as New Yorkers all across the city attempt to come to grips with the magnitude of the disaster. 7 Days In September "7 Days In September" is a raw, rare human look at the events of 9/11 and the week that follows. The film portrays the attack of the World Trade Center in New York City, and the aftermath in a unique and bold manner. This personal drama of the city's trauma is presented through the eyes, and the cameras, of 27 New Yorkers: filmmakers, professional and amateur alike, who hit the streets at the first moment of the attack. America Rebuilds Narrated by Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey "America Rebuilds" is an emotional and compelling portrait of the process towards recovery and reconstruction of the World Trade Center disaster, from the rubble that is Ground Zero. Since October 2001, the producers of "America Rebuilds" have used their unprecedented access to the Ground Zero site to capture videotaping engineers and contractors as they remove debris and prepare for the eventual rebuilding. This film looks at the struggle of the engineers who had to rush to evaluate the eight-square-block, 75-foot deep World Trade Center basement to discover whether the slurry wall that keeps the Hudson River out of lower Manhattan had been breached, and the behind-the-scenes strategy meetings of the various construction forces as they attempted to put together the largest array of construction forces in NYC history. "America Rebuilds: A Year At Ground Zero" tells these stories along with the powerful and moving stories of construction workers, fireman and ironworkers who had to endure the horror and sadness of this incredible scene of destruction and death over eight months.
Format: DVD
Run Time:240
Release Date:13 December 2004
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